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+44 116 251 0524

164 Tudor Road, Leicester, England LE3 5HU

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Mezzino Reviews

  • Jamie R
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    5 Reasons to Avoid Tudor Studios

    1. There isn’t any proper security on evenings and weekends. The management team are too tight to pay for proper security so they hire students who live in the building to handle security. There’s only one student on call at a time and quite often it seems to be a young girl, so its not very safe. There have been a couple of episodes where they have hired real security but they just sit in the office and don’t really do anything so they always end up firing them after a week or two. The front door is supposedly ‘secure’ as you need a fob to get in but there’s always some idiot who forgets theirs and physically forces the door open, so it’s not exactly safe. There’s only a few CCTV cameras too – the stairways and elevators don’t have any. There have been several serious incidents ie, students setting off fireworks in the courtyard, selling and using drugs, damaging furniture etc. that have been caught on CCTV and management literally do nothing. No one ever gets punished so now they go around kicking holes in the walls and scratching their initials into the walls because they know they can get away with it.

    2. Tudor Road is super dodgy. There’s always drunk men hanging around on the street corners and on at least two occasions someone has tried to pickpocket me. If you are a young girl I suggest you do not live here, it’s always full of creepy men trying to catcall and I’ve heard stories about alleged sexual harassment from other students. Also, the windows on the bottom floor of the accommodation look out onto the street so if you leave it open even a tiny bit, someone can literally climb right in. There have been several reports of people having items stolen because someone has just climbed into their room. Oh and there was one time that someone got stabbed just outside the building.

    3. The students who live there behave like idiots. Most of them use drugs and leave evidence of this lying around in the communal areas. There have been several incidents of people kicking holes in the walls and tampering with the CCTV cameras, as well as stealing sofas from the common rooms and setting off fireworks in the courtyard. There was even a party once and literally 200 people turned up. The students broke the tables in the common rooms by kicking the legs until they came off and even rubbed ketamine into the carpet in the main entrance. In the end the police had to come and shut it down. Last time there was a party the police were called and they didn’t even show up – they don’t really respond to calls anymore because they’re so sick of the students at Tudor Studios. Also; the residents literally run up and down the corridor screaming at 4 am. It’s awful.

    4. The website is a total false advertisement. There is no gym, its just a room full of boxes. The common rooms are pretty sparse, there’s no cinema room either. The rooms are modern but they look nothing like the photos on the website. The rent is so expensive and you literally end up living in your room because the communal areas are always closed due to vandalism – it’s a waste of money.

    5. It’s super expensive. The starting price is £105 per person per week – which sounds ok. But now I’ve moved out I’ve managed to get myself a three bed apartment 10 minutes out of town for £75 per person per week. Doesn’t sound so good now does it? It’s a modern building and it’s close to the university but you don’t get any of the facilities you’re paying for – the washing machines are super expensive to use, the common rooms are always closed because of the vandalism, there isn’t a gym or a cinema room and the hallways are usually littered with drug paraphernalia and bags of trash. So once you consider that, £105 per week seems a little steep.

    These were my top 5 reasons out of a possible 10. Basically, just don’t live there.
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